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Church of Jesus nice

& The Latterday Skanks, Hoes, Pimps and Players


In the beginning god said,” Let there be NICE” then there was NICE and he was good! God bestowed his blessing and infinite power anointing him to speak the word, to spit the truth, and to kick that game with no shame. Play baby! 

All are welcome at the Church of JESUS NICE (& the Latterday Skanks, Hoes, Pimps & Players! The masses are drawn to the Church of JESUS NICE because it’s a place where people from all walks of life, all ethnicity, and all economic backgrounds can experience the life changing power of Gods right hand man Super Pimp Daddy Pastor NICE. Pastor NICE gives all glory to God who is all powerful, all knowing, and all good. The creator that gave him the power and authority to preach to the streets. And with that being said is beyond contestation!

The Manual (aka the Street Bible) is God’s Word to all men and women to help them get there game tight. To make sure they are playing the game right. Play baby! Super Pimp Daddy Pastor NICE wrote the latest version under the supernatural spirit of the Holy Ghost. It is the ultimate source of truth for the streets.  So when you hear the words come out of his mouth you will instantly know that God has placed divine blessings on his mind, body, and soul. 



One Touch by JESUS NICE Makes The Whole World FEEL GOOD!!

The decision to follow JESUS NICE on www.churchofjesusnice.com, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and all the other social media sites is one of the most important decision you’ll ever make in your life. Whether you’re a new believer, true believer, or recommitting your life to JESUS NICE, tell someone about it! Sharing the love you have for JESUS NICE as your lord that saves hoe’s, will bring a level of joy and happiness to people lives that they have never experienced before! Super Pimp Daddy Pastor Nice be out in these streets preaching to the people, to bring them hope and give them a way to get money in these streets.  As long as these clowns is out here in these streets saying and doing dumb sh-t, Super Pimp Daddy Pastor NICE is coming to the rescue!

Our pastor, Super Pimp Daddy Pastor NICE verbalizes God’s word so all you lame men can understand the magnitude of the gifts God has placed on him. The knowledge, wisdom, and understanding Daddy NICE has is a testament to God’s greatness when God blesses you with the divine grind!

God gave him the vision to see what you can’t see. The foresight to see your future. The gift of gab to make you laugh while he speaking that truth. Super Pimp Daddy Pastor NICE’S mission is to fight the foolishness ya’ll nigga’s is doing out here in these streets! To fight foolishness, to fight ignorance, to fight the all out stupidity that’s being taught to the kids by these clown nigga’s that is devastating the lives of men, women, and children around the world. Daddy NICE consider it his life’s’ work to empowering the people against these idiots running the streets. He was sent here to lead the people to create sustainable change and to be the voice of the voiceless and a Hero to the helpless.

Can I get a co-signer?!!!

Play Baby!!!!!!


If Loving these hoes is wrong,
I don't wanna be right!!!


Participate in church events, watch all church videos and live feeds, support church fundraising agendas, and love & support your pastor because Daddy Nice loves you!!


Donate and Participate every chance you get because every dime helps!!!


                  Everyone is welcome to enjoy the entertaining content and teachings of the Great One Super Pimp Daddy Pastor Nice!!



We need your assistance. These Beautiful pieces of treasure need your help badly. We are looking to fundraise to restore these amazing pimp mobiles to their former glory. Please donate to the cause!

We desperately need everyone’s support. It takes a village with all hands on deck to make goods things happen so do your part to affect the positive growth of this church, your church.

Adopt a project as if it were your very own. Help the Church turn nothing into something. With your help no mountain is to high. Support one project or support them all. No amount of Donation is to small. Thank you for your support!!

67  Buick Electra 225 convertible

67  Buick Electra 225 Hardtop

70 Cadillac Deville convertible

75 Chevy Caprice convertible

 78 Cadillac Seville

79 Cadillac Coupe Deville D’elegance

Curious About The Church Of Jesus Nice?


We have and abundance of services each and every day. Choose the services that best suits your needs.

Sunday Service \ Sunday School

Service will be about  your Lord that saves Hoes

Jesus Nice

Motivational Monday

Hear some good word to start off your work week.

Monday Night Live

More good word before you get it popping that night!

Takeover Tuesday

Talk about how to get that money in these streets.

Toes-out Tuesday Night Live

Some Tuesday’s we will talk about women and women’s issues

Keepin’ It real Wednesday

We are going to talk about Real versus Fake.

Wild out Wednesday

Wild out Wednesday we talk about all the wild, crazy, nasty, and disturbing the things happening in these streets.

Throwback Thursday

We will reminisce about the good times we had.

Thrilling Thursday Night Live

We are going to talk about the things that bring excitement to our lives.

Finance Friday

The service will be about how to get that money!

Freaky Friday’s

The service will be about all the Freaky things going on in your life

Sexy Saturday’s

Every Service will be about something SEXY!!